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Episode 9: How to Start Getting Fit

Getting fit doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. You can get fit in minutes a day of consistent movement. Everyone is a beginner at exercise at some point.

Let me preface this fitness advice with the notice that you should never do anything I suggest without consulting your doctor first; I am not a doctor or physical fitness professional. Use your head.

That said, I am a fit forty something and I know from experience what worked for me and what did not work for me. I have also learned from paying attention to what other people have tried and whether or not they failed or succeeded.

1. Get Your Head Right

We have like 60 thousand thoughts a day and most of them are repetitive, what is the thought loop repeating in your head? If you think thoughts like: “I can’t get fit” “I don’t feel like it” “This is too hard” …what kind of results are you are creating in your life? 

2. Get Movement Into Your Day - Do This Right Now

If you have a sedentary job or spend your day on the sofa, it is important that you break-up with this habit first. Get up at least each hour and move around. If you did nothing else for your fitness, do this. Set an alarm on your phone to go off on the hour and simply get up and move around for at least 1 minute. 

3. Start Small, Start Slow, Be Realistic

Little bursts of activity here and there will add up each day. Park at the back of the lot, walk your dog, stand for tasks you normally sit for, take the stairs, every time, do not discount how much these habits will improve your overall fitness. 

4. Get More Steps

The absolute best exercise for beginners is walking. 

5. Do Activities You Love

Do you love swimming, hiking, or walking at the mall, do it. Find activities you love to do and get up off the couch and do them. 

6. Pair Up

If you know someone you can pair up with to get in a walk or a work out, do it. 

What’s Next?

Example Fitness Routine (Do 2-3 times per week with walking on the off days)

Perform 4 (Reps) Repetitions of each exercise.:

4 Squats, 4 lunges, 4 crunches, and 4 push-ups - Google the proper form for each exercise you choose or consult a personal trainer to be sure you learn the techniques to avoid injury.

Do 1 (Set) Round of all 4 exercises. 

Increase the number of reps you perform as your strength increases.

When you get up to 12 (reps) of each exercise do them all twice or for 2 sets.

Continue to add sets until you hit 4 - 6. On your off days choose to walk or do another activity you enjoy that keeps you off the couch.