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Episode 8: Freshen Up Your Style

Has your style grown stale? I know I'm guilty. Here's the how and why we want to freshen up our personal style to level-up our everyday life and feel better.

Style Point 1: We do what feels good to us, whatever that is.

Style Point 2: We don’t judge other people for their choices because we do us, and they do them.

Style Point 3: Style is a personal choice and age is only a number, we get to do whatever we want at any age.

Style Point 4: Identify that you are in a style rut and how your thoughts about your presentation are making you feel.

Style Point 5: Take action, shop the stores or your own closet. Put together some fresh looks and take the extra moments in the morning to be a bit more thoughtful about how you want to feel that day.

Style Point 6: Seek inspiration.

Style Point 7: If you don’t want to be and old lady, stop thinking, feeling, and acting like one.


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