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Valentine’s Day – 5 Ways to Resurrect the Romance

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The day of love. Valentine’s Day or St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday created for Christian Saints, inspired by courtly love, and maintained by the sale of roses, cards, and chocolate. Many countries around the world celebrate some form of this romantic holiday.

I don’t know about you, but I have been married for nearly eighteen years and my relationship could use a little freshening up. Now, I’m not complaining about someone else here, I’m pointing the finger directly at myself. I’ve gotten a little lazy in the romance department, my husband still makes an effort with no help from me.

I’m working on whole life wellness and this area has been flying under the radar because it’s not in bad shape, it’s just well, okay. All the areas of our life need constant attention to keep them from getting stagnant, long-term relationships especially, and “okay” is just not acceptable.

According to the Oxford online dictionary, romance is, “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love”, Ooohh!! I love that!!

Who doesn’t want some of that? I’m trying to stick to a budget so I can’t just throw money at the day with fancy restaurants and expensive gifts; I’m going to have to get creative.

This year I’m determined to put some effort into this special day for my Valentine. I am going to make this a Valentine’s Day full of excitement, mystery and love, while keeping the costs down. Here are five ways to make that happen.

1. The Card 

I’m embarrassed to say that I have grown so lazy in the romance department I don’t always get my guy a card on Valentine’s Day, even the year I hosted a Valentine card making party for my girls. All I did was leave a few blank Valentines on the counter for a few days. SO. LAZY! I know, what’s wrong with me? 

This year I’m going to make him a card, in advance, something full of love and not scribbled the last minute only after I receive his card or gift.

2. The Outfit 

In order to evoke some mystery surrounding the day I will wear something special under my clothes to the office that day. Just knowing I have a secret will really get me feeling mysterious. I’m not buying anything new, but I do have something I haven’t worn yet that is pretty and comfortable enough to wear all day. What do you have that’s been decorating your drawer and not your body? Get it out!

I also have a red satin blouse I bought and didn’t get a chance to wear last Christmas, it’s perfectly cute and sexy while still work appropriate, add red lips and I’m a walking Valentine.

Wearing something prettier than the typical work attire all day will make me feel especially confident and sexy by the time I get home. 

If I’m already wearing something cute and sexy, I skip all the internal drama about changing into something sexier when I get home and avoid the possibility that I just skip it altogether. All I will have to do is a quick freshen up that won’t draw any attention. 

3. The Ambiance 

I will create a bit of excitement and mystery by telling my husband a few days before Valentine’s Day that I have some special things in mind for him this year, you know set the scene, get the imagination fired up. Anticipation is a big part of the fun.

I’ll also make sure the house is really clean and picked up before bed the night before; a messy house is so not romantic. 

When I get home from work, I will light candles and turn on some soft music while I make dinner, isn’t candlelight just so mysterious?

4. The Meal 

I will make a special dinner that will include something for dessert. I’ll buy something he loves that we never have like ice cream. How exciting

I’m making open faced peanut butter, bacon and apple sandwiches. I know that doesn’t sound like a romantic dinner, but my guy loves peanut butter toast and bacon. We eat really clean, so this is a treat and still not too crazy because I did mention the ice cream already, right?

Another thing to consider. This is something super easy to put together Friday night after work. Normally, I go to yoga on Fridays and I would have Friday’s dinner meal prepped, but for this occasion I’m skipping yoga and preparing a fresh meal. Now that’s love.

5. The Gift 

I’m going to plan a little scavenger hunt for my guys gifts. My plan is to hide a few little treats around the house and leave a starter note in his Valentine Card with instructions on how to find the first treat. When he finds that first treat it will have the instructions to get to the next and so on until he gets to the final gift. Disclaimer: I totally stole this idea from my girlfriend friend this week when I told her the theme of this post.

These are my gift ideas for the scavenger hunt: 

  • Tiny bottle of his favorite liquor
  • Favorite candy
  • Gift certificate to do one of his chores for a week
  • Handmade scented massage oil
  • Final Gift – Certificate for massage

This doesn’t sound so hard does it? I have no excuse now for my continuing bad Valentines’ Day behavior. I hope this list inspires you too to invest some time and effort for yourself and your loved ones on this day of love. 

If you are single on Valentine’s day, please do use this list to resurrect the feeling of romance in your life without the partner. Romance isn’t given to you by someone else. It’s a feeling you can invoke by reading a romantic tale, creating a romantic environment, or feeling sexy all on your own. So, buy yourself a novel, bottle of wine, box of chocolates, light the candles and turn down the lights, this night is not just for lovers. 

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