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This month in the US we celebrate Memorial Day; we celebrate all of our military and especially those who died in service to our country.

Here in Michigan it’s the unofficial launch of summer. Many of us are unsure how we will be celebrating and spending our summer vacations due to the current state of the Corona Virus Pandemic. 

But for me 2020 is the year of money, as in, I am going to spend less and save more. So I had planned from the beginning of the year to enjoy staycations at my home in leu of traveling.

It looks like this might be useful information to share with all of you because we all might be staycationing in 2020, whether we like it or not.

My first staycation is coming up this Memorial Day Weekend. Here is how I intend to plan for it and tips for future staycations.

1. Make sure your calendar is clear. 

You don’t really want to have to go to work or to an appointment, to get a real vacation feel, you need to start with a totally clear schedule.

2. Decide what you want to do while on vacation. 

I live at a lake and have a boat so for Memorial Weekend that will be the main event. 

You may want to go for a hike, visit a nearby museum that you always wanted to browse, or spend the afternoon in a hammock reading a book. 

If you have something you want to do, plan it and then actually do it.

3. Create a rough schedule and post it for your family.

If the schedule is posted you can avoid all the questions.

What are we doing today? What’s for dinner? When are we gonna eat?

Simple answer to all of the above, “check the schedule”.

When you decide what you want to do don’t forget to purchase necessary tickets and make reservations for things if needed.

Roughly plan out the days schedule and post it on the refrigerator. Feel free to get creative and post the days activities on a poster displayed on an easel like they do at the resorts. I even include the weather forecast.

If stores are re-opened plan to visit some of the places you drive by all the time but never take the time to stop at. The local antique shops, boutiques, and studios. Find local activities such as concerts, waterparks, fairs and festivals.

If things are still closed down plan your own activities at home. 

Splurge a little and buy a new book, art supplies, or hammock. Make special meals or order from your favorite places for pick-up or delivery. Take long walks and practice yoga or meditations in nature if you can.

If you have kids, plan activities that will keep them occupied so you can relax. Arts and crafts projects, games, and even scheduled movie time. Plan ahead to create a smooth vacation for all.

Everything here in Michigan is still pretty much closed down but I do live on a lake and plan to spend this Memorial Day at home, boating, eating, and relaxing.

Here is an example schedule and menu for Memorial Weekend Staycation 2020, I know it’s food & drink centric but that’s what my plan is for this staycation. Rod and I eat pretty healthy on a regular basis so this will be a real treat for us.

And don’t let me fool you, most of this will be prepped in advance and I’m taking plenty of shortcuts.

If you like to fly by the seat of your pants or like to be more carefree on vacation, then by all means, skip this step. I, however, like to know I don’t need to leave my house again and that I have everything I’m gonna want at my fingertips. It is vacation after all.

  82 partly sunny 80 clouds & sun 78 cloudy
8:00 am Hot Tub Soak, Paddle Boarding or Kayaking Hot Tub Soak, Paddle Boarding or Kayaking Hot Tub Soak, Paddle Boarding or Kayaking
10:00 am
Biscuits, Sausage  Gravy, Eggs, & Fresh Fruit 

Mimosa Bar
Eggs Benedict & Fresh Fruit 

Bloody Mary Bar
Cinnamon Rolls, Eggs & Bacon with Fresh Fruit 

Iced Coffee Bar
11:00 am Swimsuit Yoga on the Deck Swimsuit Yoga on the Deck Swimsuit Yoga on the Deck
12:00 pm Boating Boating Kayaking or Hiking
2:00 pm
Charcuterie Tray

Blue Moon Beer with Orange Wedges
Pulled Pork Sliders, Creamy Coleslaw

Frozen Coconut Lemonade with Rum
Steak, Shrimp and Scallop Skewers, Carbonara, Green Salad

Sangria with Berries
Afternoon Boating Laying in the Hammock, Croquette, or Boating Relaxing on the Beach with a Book
6:00 pm 
Coney Dogs, Grilled Corn, Watermelon Mint & Feta Salad

Grapefruit Rosemary & Lime Gin Gimlet
Homemade Grilled Pizza,  Green Salad, Melon & Prosciutto

Red Wine
Nacho Supreme & Mexican Rice

Serrano Margaritas
Dessert Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Honey Drizzle

Coffee with Cream
Pavlovas with Lemon Curd & Blueberry Jam

Coffee with Cream
Toasted Coconut Toffee Chocolate Chips Cookies

Coffee with Cream
7:00 pm After Dinner Walk After Dinner Walk After Dinner Walk
8:00 pm Early to Bed
(long day of sun ; )
Cocktails on the Deck

Coconut Martini

Corona Beer with Lime

4. Plan meals for breakfast lunch and dinner. 

Be sure to choose foods as if you were on vacation. Don’t eat your boring cereal if on vacation you would choose scrambled eggs. 

5. Plan for fancy cocktails, beer or wine if you plan to have drinks while on staycation.

I plan to make frozen coconut lemonades, coconut martinis, enjoy some chilled wine and my husband will have plenty of beer on hand. 

Be sure to get all this stuff in advance, you’d be really disappointed if while on vacation your resort ran out of ice or red wine, right?

6. Don’t forget the snacks.

Be sure to plan for plenty of snacks, especially if you’re having drinks. Maybe you want to create a charcuterie board that can be out for you to pick at throughout the day.

7. Prep as much of the food as you can in advance.

I’m a meal prep-er, so I am really good at getting things done in advance because I know how convenient it is to grab and go. With your vacation meals you probably want to have as much prepared in advance as you can. 

I will basically only have to fire up the grill or microwave and then plate it up. All the salads, sides, and desserts will be ready to go.

Desserts are especially good prepared in advance and can be frozen.

I will pre wash and chop all the fruits veggies, and herb garnishes for my cocktails as well as, all the meats, cheeses, toppings and other things for the entire weekend on Thursday or even Wednesday.

Don’t forget you can order meals for take out, or pick up parts of your meal to make it easy on yourself. 

8. Clean your house.

No one goes on vacation hoping to stay in a dirty mess. Clean your house thoroughly so you can relax and enjoy without any guilt. You certainly don’t want to be cleaning or doing any laundry while on vacation.

9. Do your yard work.

I love sitting in gardens at resorts or the beautiful courtyards and lobbies. 

If you can make your home an oasis, do it. If not, at least take extra time mowing your lawn and trimming and weeding so you can relax in your yard. 

If you have nice seating areas put out your cushions and pillows each morning. If not, use a blanket and lay it out in the grass with a few pillows and your favorite book.

Decorate your outdoor space with art, objects, and candles.

10. Get your nails and hair done in advance. 

Do you always get a pedi-cure before you go on vacation? Go do that. If you can’t “go” get it done, then do it yourself in advance. Make sure your hair is done and any other beauty treatments you usually do, do them, even if it’s an at home version. 

If you usually visit the spas on vacation then add this home spa time to your Staycation schedule. Make sure you plan something for your kids during this time, so you can relax uninterrupted…maybe.

11. Pick out your vacation outfits. 

When I travel I love that I have already picked out super cute outfits with matching accessories.  Do this for your staycation! Make sure everything is ironed and clean.

This will help you look amazing instead of choosing the same old, around the house stuff you usually wear.

12. Get ready for your days.

On vacation you likely get ready for your day by doing your hair and make-up, putting on your cute outfit and packing a day bag. Even if you are staying home in your yard do this. You will feel good and look good in those staycation photos. 

13. Take photos.

If you are on vacation you are probably taking pictures. Make sure you also take photos of your staycation.

Take photos of the nature you can find in your yard, on your walks or hikes, the sunsets, your meals, cocktails, and your lover.

14. Write a “Must-do” chore list.

I’m a big list person, if you haven’t noticed. I would create a minimum task list for the duration of the staycation. I know there are things that will need to happen such as washing the dishes, preparing meals, and maybe watering your outdoor pots. 

I would create an AM list that includes setting out the outdoor cushions, watering the pots, and putting away the dishes. My PM list might include putting away the cushions, washing the dishes, and tidying up the house and yard.

Can some tasks be delegated? Maybe you and your partner take turns cooking, or one is bartender and the other the chef?

Only the truly necessary tasks get done but the house and yard stay pretty and relaxing.

15. Don’t forget about the details.

Light candles, play music, read trashy novels, get out all the cushions, pillows and throws. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers for your home and most importantly take some deep breaths and really be present in the moments.

I know this is a lot to do in preparation, the week or two before your staycation, but it will set you up for a truly relaxing and joy filled time. It will be worth it, trust me.

Enjoy life to the fullest in honor of those who gave us this freedom.

Go get your Staycation on!!

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