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Reset Life for Fall

Beautiful sunrise from a high vantage point overlooking fall colored forest.


It’s sweater weather!


This time of year here in Michigan we begin to spend more and more time indoors. After the rapid pace of the summer season I find my life cluttered, messy, and in need of a thorough reset. From my skincare routine to my kitchen cabinets I’m in need of a shuffle, purge, and reorganization. Nothing feels as good as a fresh start.


I can sometimes be a procrastinator and that sometimes shows up in my home. Decisions about things that I would normally handle immediately get put off and then build up. I start to feel overwhelmed and my anxiety grows with the mess. Of course, I don’t always recognize this until after I’ve tackled a tidying up project and realize I have immediate relief.


Simplifying my life feels like the cure. I can breathe again. 


When we are proactive about these seasonal shifts we can set ourselves up for an easier transition and enjoy the process while we are at it. 


Grab Yourself Some Tools...

For a room by room checklist to help you purge and tidy up get my 30 Day Edit Checklist.

30 Day Edit Checklist

...and if you could use a seasonal mindset reset check out podcast Episode 48: From Procrastination to Motivation. 

Episode 48: From Procrastination to Motivation





Fall is a great time to reset your home for the upcoming cooler months. If, like me, you get busy and tend to mindlessly put items away without really exercising restraint. Ratty towels, plastic containers, and other random things making their way inside your storage spaces, having been quickly squirreled away in closets and cabinets before the next get together. 


I like to go through my home in the transitional seasons. In the spring and again in the fall I purge out all the clutter collected over the last few months. It’s a good time to do some deeper cleaning as well, getting into the nooks and crannies a bit more than usual.


I’m not one to go all out decorating for the seasons but if you do, this is a great time to change out throw pillows and blankets. 




Another area of my home and life that gets neglected during those busy summer months are my business and home office. I end up feeling really overwhelmed and in need of clarity and focus, I need that reset. 


If I don’t plan this reset proactively this time of year, I begin feeling especially anxious and start procrastinating in my business.  I avoid working on tasks that I have scheduled by buffering with Netflix, snacking, checking emails, shopping and surfing the web. The more I buffer the worse I feel so instead what I need to do is clear the decks.


I will clean my office and put everything away. I will go through, consolidate, and organize all my notes and papers. I file, I shred, and schedule all my to dos. 


When my desk and office are clean and tidy, my notes are organized, and my tasks are back on track…I feel so much better. I regain the focus and clarity in purpose and action that running your own business requires. For you this may be in your career or at your job.


Slow things down a bit by removing tasks that simply aren’t necessary and clear your calendar of all the stuff that creeps in. Here is a good place to practice saying no and even changing your mind. “No thank you, I no longer have time for this”…simple as that.




After all the sun, junk foods, and cocktails it’s time to really pamper our skin. I’m getting out the heavier creams and lotions for the dryer indoor air and picking up a new sunless tanning lotion while I’m at it. 


I spent the summer under an umbrella and religiously wore sunblock on at least my face and chest all summer. I have a light olive tone which frankly looks gray green in winter so a little color makes me happy, without creating more brown spots on my skin.


I might get a bit more aggressive with masks and serums now that I’m sure to not be spending so much time outdoors in the sun where I might get sensitive to some ingredients. Glycolic peels, vitamin C serums, and even Retinol products can make your skin sensitive in the sun.


Don’t forget to purge here too. Anything old or that you won’t use, get rid of it.




I’m also going to spend time cleaning out my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Through the summer I have collected many food products that I wouldn’t normally have in my home. The leftover buns that were thrown in the freezer, the bagged snacks left over from parties, and all the other stuff that has accumulated will have to go. No more mystery foil packets and 5 year old leftovers. 


I’m cleaning up my diet and don’t need all these empty calories hanging around to taunt me.


Bring on the healthy comfort foods. Hot soups, roasted meat, and veggies are some of my favorites. Stock the pantry with whole grains, broths, and root vegetables. Stock the freezer with frozen vegetables and grass fed meats.




This is also a time of year that I go through my clothing, make-up and accessories. I get the sweaters back out and tuck away the summer dresses. 


Edit anything that is worn out or that you no longer wear. Gross old sandals, scratched sunglasses, and broken flip flops have to go.  


I purge old and dated make-up and broken jewelry.




What things do you always want to experience in the fall but don’t always make time for? Sometimes I create a chalkboard sign for my summer bucket list, it includes all the fun things I want to do, why not try this out for fall. 


Some things I like to do but don’t always find the time for are:

  • Visit a cider mill, drink fresh cider and donuts
  • Take a fall hike
  • Find a scenic drive to view the color change
  • Have a backyard campfire
  • Take a bike ride
  • Run a 5k


This fall season is short so don’t let it slide by without enjoying all that the season has to offer. Mild and moderate temperatures, beautiful scenery, more regular schedules, and the fresh crispness in the air.



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