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Has Your Style Grown Stale? I’m Guilty!


As we get older some of us have a tendency to do what we have always done or to do less with our look, not because we feel better doing less, but because we’ve given up.


Now I know when it comes to aging, the discussion about our appearance is pretty controversial so I thought I would clear that up first, because of course, we should give zero fucks.


I think this is true to some extent but I think the point here is, not caring about what others think about our appearance and doing what we want for ourselves. Zero fucks is not meant to convey not caring at all. Where would not caring at all about our appearance stop? Do we stop bathing? We could stay healthy and only bathe once a week but most of us wouldn’t dream of that. That’s still caring about our appearance or having vanity, right?


Style Point 1: We do what feels good to us, whatever that is.


So if a little vanity is expected, what is the right level of vanity? Who get’s to decide if we are too vain or not caring enough?


We do! Of course.


Style Point 2: We don’t judge other people for their choices because we do us, and they do them.


We get to choose the level of vanity we have for ourselves based on what feels good to us. The flip side to this autonomy is not judging others for their level of vanity either because who are we to say what someone else should do?


So far I’ve mentioned personal hygiene and vanity and not style. Style is another area of appearance entirely based on personal preference.


Style Point 3: Style is a personal choice and age is only a number, we get to do whatever we want at any age.


When it comes to style there are many “social rules” surrounding age. Let me get this straight, right out of the gate, I believe age is only the number of years we have been alive and that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with our style, hygiene, or vanity level. If I feel like wearing a crop top, I’m going to.


My mom has been a really great example of not letting age lesson the quality and possibility of my life. She’s 84 and wouldn’t waste a second worrying if she’s too old for skinny jeans or if she should attend a house party with much younger people. It literally would not cross her mind. She sees herself as a woman, not as an “old” lady. Love you mom.


Okay. Now that we are starting on level ground let’s talk about our personal version of style or lack thereof. I said previously that as we get older some of us have a tendency to do what we have always done or even worse, do less.


So who cares? I do, and I actually think most of you do too.


Style Point 4: Identify that you are in a style rut and how your thoughts about your presentation are making you feel.


Lately I have been feeling a bit off, I felt an underlying mild grayness that I couldn’t quite lay my finger on. After feeling gloomy all day, I complimented a friend about her cute outfit and it hit me, when was the last time I wore something that would spark my own interest?


I’m not a fashionista but I am a creative and like to play with my look. I could not remember the last time I’d seen a fashion magazine or a display at a brick and mortar store. Heck, I’d hardly seen my friends. I was in a style rut!


I had been putting on the same uniform day after day and not bothering to change it up or get creative with my look at all. Let’s see, thoughts like, “why bother” “I don’t have enough time” or “not worth the effort” come to mind. No wonder I was feeling gloomy with that lame soundtrack in my head!!!


Style Point 5: Take action, shop the stores or your own closet. Put together some fresh looks and take the extra moments in the morning to be a bit more thoughtful about how you want to feel that day.


I headed out to a local shop and picked up a new top and matching earrings and you wouldn’t believe the spark. All the sudden, I’m ready to clean out the closet and do a refresh. I went from feeling blah to vibrant in an instant, and for me, this felt good.


Maybe you don’t go out and buy something new, you simply re-arrange your closet and look at each piece to remind yourself what’s in there. Put together new outfits from things you haven’t seen in a while, whatever works for you.


The key here is to take action. Take the time to consciously think about how you want to feel when you get dressed for the day and choose what you wear based on that. I bet you don’t choose to feel gray or sloppy, how about fresh, vibrant, or edgy?


Style Point 6: Seek inspiration.


The main reason I wanted to go to a shop was to get inspired. I wanted to see what was fresh and new in fashion and to see actual humans. You could go to Pinterest or fashion websites, whatever inspires you.


Style Point 7: If you don’t want to be and old lady, stop thinking, feeling, and acting like one.


Don’t limit yourself to fashion over forty or style for mature women sites either. If you don’t want to be and old lady, stop thinking, feeling, and acting like one.


Have fun with this ladies! I’m excited to refresh my look and I hope you are too.

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