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Crowding Out

Ronin egg blue plate of vegetables with a seared fish fillet on top.

We don’t have to make drastic changes to our daily habits to improve our health.

Little steps compound over time creating big life changes.

A great way to improve your diet is, Crowding Out.

Crowding out is a term used to describe the practice of focusing on eating more healthy foods as opposed to focusing on those foods you shouldn’t have.

If you are eating more healthy fruits and veggies, you won’t be hungry and are less likely to eat those things that are less than good for you.

An easy way to put this into practice is to list out all the healthy whole foods and recipes you love…you may start slow but keep at it. I bet there are more healthy foods you enjoy than you initially think.

(Here is a small sample of mine.)

Raspberries, Cashews, Crab, Sweet Potatoes, Arugula, Roasted Brussels, Roasted Carrots, Fresh Peapods, Acorn Squash, Devilled Eggs, Scallops, Almonds, Stuffed Peppers, Coconut, Seared Tuna, Macadamias, Orange Roughy, Baby Green Beans, Sockeye Salmon, Mango, Oysters, Summer Tomatoes, Cherries, Salsa, Broccoli Sesame Slaw, Roasted Cabbage, Stuffed Mushrooms, Truffle Oil, Beets, Roasted Garlic

Now focus on getting more of these into your diet.

If you focus on and eat more of the healthy foods you love it will naturally replace some of those that aren’t so great for you.

Hyper-focussing on all the things not great for your health is so detrimental to healthy eating because what we focus on we tend to make happen right? So we want to focus on healthy choices not focus on the non healthy choices.


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