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Celebrate Mid-Spring – Celebrate Life

We are coming up on Mid-Spring and I think we should celebrate! Here in Michigan we’ve had a beautiful spring. I can say that because yesterday was sunny and warm and it re-charged my batteries along with my positivity. (Michigan weather can be trying at times.)

In Mid-Spring we see the growth of the earth all around us. Our gardens are coming to life, baby geese are swimming with their mommas, temperatures are warming, the days are getting longer, and the winds of change are blowing. 

Let’s get in on the action, here are a few simple tips to celebrate Mid-Spring.

  1. Feast 

No celebration is complete, in my opinion, without a special meal to enjoy or to share. I’m making roast lamb, asparagus, baby potatoes, and watercress salad for my celebration dinner and maybe a healthy version of lemon or berry pavlova for dessert. MM-mmm.

  1. Fire

It’s traditional to celebrate spring with a fire, and I’m not talking about burning yard debris. In older times, the smoke from a Mid-Spring fire was used to cleanse people and their livestock for the upcoming growing season.

Presently, the fire might symbolize our welcoming back the warmth of the sun and new beginnings.

Why not build a fire if you have fire ring and enjoy the milder temperature outdoors.

Try this activity: Write on one side of a slip of paper what you want to be cleansed of from the past year and then flip it over and write what you want to grow this year in your life. Burn the slips of paper in your fire to release them into the Universe. 

If you are unable to have a fire, simply journal your cleansing and growth thoughts while enjoying the elegance of a candle flame.

  1. Sex

Celebrate the fertility of spring with sex. Connect with your partner and your body’s sensuality; what better way to celebrate life than by practicing procreation?

  1. Flowers

Cut a few stems from your spring blooms and bring them inside for your enjoyment. If you don’t have blooms in your life pick up a spring bouquet or buy a potted spring bulb on your next grocery store trip.

Brighten up your time spent at home with cheerful blooms, this is good anytime but especially for your Mid-Spring Celebration.

Let’s Celebrate Life!

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