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Are You Making Things Unnecessarily Complex?

We all do this on some level but I forever make my life complicated. It’s who I am.

Life is actually pretty simple, for those of you reading this anyway. Why is that? Well, if you are reading this you have a cell phone or computer of some sort. You have internet access. You have free time. If you have all those things you likely have enough food to eat and a pretty stable home situation. You are blessed really.

So back to how life is simple. You eat, you sleep, you do the best you can and that’s it. Of course there are hard things like illness or death. I said simple, not eternally positive.

So why do we complicate things? Why do we insist on seeing things as difficult or hard?

Our brains do this and we allow it, because it’s path that is easiest for us. It’s the rut-worn road we always take. We worry about the future; what might happen. We think about the past; ruminating over things we cannot change.

If we could just be present in our lives and realize that this moment right now is all we have. It’s the only moment that truly matters. This takes practice, it can feel like exercise, but it can change your life.

Life can be so very simple.

As the old Zen saying goes…when you are hungry, eat. When you are tired, sleep.

We make it complicated with our thinking.

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