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A Summer Schedule

Why should I adjust my schedule for summer?

Okay, here is the deal. Lately I’ve been finding myself at the end of the week realizing that I did not once look at my planner. Which means I let go and some things didn’t get done as I had meticulously planned. The worst part is, I’ve wasted even more time beating myself up for my lack of productivity. 

Ugh, what a negative way to treat myself, after all, I did not sit on the sofa eating bon-bons and watching tv. I did get stuff done. Lot’s of stuff.

I have continued to go for walks, do workouts, shop for food, and prepare meals. I simply put down my planner and my to do list and went with the flow of life around my home and community. Why am I feeling bad about this? 

I let myself down. 

There were things I wanted to do, habits I’m working on creating and I just didn’t do it. I didn’t drink enough water, didn’t meditate, didn’t spend much time learning something. These are things I still want to do… 

But why should I compound the issue with beating myself up? Can I proactively look at what I did or didn’t do and see the necessity for it? Maybe my brain needed a vacation. The thing is, instead of sitting in the negative feelings I should get back up and get back in the drivers seat. 

I’m not saying that we must be on a schedule and working on something all the time but for me I know I feel better if I create a balance between productivity and free time.  

We humans need free time to create and to live but at the same time if we don’t work toward goals we are not likely to achieve things that are important to us.

That being said it is summer people. I don’t know where you live but I live in Michigan and summer is the season I long for all year. June, July, and August in Michigan are beautiful with blue skies and days that are hot and sunny. After spending a long gloomy winter in gray skies and freezing temps, I’m going to spend all the time out of doors as I possibly can.

What I could have done instead.

So instead of totally checking out, I should have simply looked at my schedule and reworked it to fit my mood and the current season. Duh! I’m in charge here.

The point is that it’s okay to live in a different way each season, we are not machines, we are meant to live out loud in the summer and to nest and hibernate a bit in the winter. We plan in the spring and wind down in the fall just as Mother Nature intended.

Why not adjust your summer schedule to take advantage of the weather while giving yourself free-time to bloom. Instead of going to the grocery store in the summer, schedule a grocery pick up instead. Better yet, visit a farmers market so you get a fun outing, fresh air, and local food all in one shot.

Maybe you can eat your meals outdoors, especially if you are working and can get out at lunchtime to eat in the park. 

Put a hold on certain activities that keep you entertained in the winter but would free up your time in the summer. Instead of going to book club, read a book while laying in a hammock in the shade. Instead of going to happy hour, invite a couple friends over for cocktails on your deck. 

Maybe you can get really into seasonal living and start moving all your yearly appointments to the winter months so you aren’t visiting the dentist or the doctor in July. In fact, why haven’t I already done this? 

What else can you pull from your summer schedule in order to take back your time guilt free? What things can be taken care of in the other seasons?

If you actually remove things from your schedule remember to leave that time open and free, don’t just fill it with some other thing you have to do or what’s the point?

And most of all, let us not beat ourselves up when we are accomplishing things in a different way than we had planned. Re-visit the plan, don’t run from it. I would have saved myself the headache of beating myself up over it vs. just facing it and adjusting.

Back on track.

After revamping my schedule, I am happy to report, I am back on track including a little time to breathe.


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