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A Pandemic Holiday

Look on the Bright Side

This year the holidays are going to look very different for most of us. Some of us have sick loved ones, or worse. Some of us will spend the holidays alone, not by choice, and some of us wish we could be alone, even if for just five minutes!

No matter where you fall in this spectrum, keeping a positive attitude and being open to new ideas and traditions will help make this holiday season an uplifting start to the new year ahead.

Start with Gratitude 

Gratitude is underrated yet it’s very powerful in showing us how very blessed we are. Are you healthy? Is your family healthy? Have you been through illness and made it out the other side? Do you have a warm home to spend the chilly winter months in? Did a postal or delivery worker deliver most of your holiday gifts? Do you have paid work?

Look for ways you can be grateful this season. If you start to look for things to be grateful for you will find them; what you focus on grows.

So much better than bitching and moaning and whining, am I right?

  • Write three things you are grateful for in your journal each day.
  • Focus your attention on what is going well, not on what isn’t.

Savor the Slower Pace

Do you usually spend the holidays running errands, cooking, shopping, socializing, trying to get it all done and feeling overwhelmed in the process? 

We are usually so short on time during the holidays, we rarely get to enjoy the season. Well, this year we are forced to remove much of the unnecessary busyness. Instead of trying to find other ways to fill up your season why not slow down and really savor the flavor of this holiday. 

Can we see this time as a gift? The winter season is a natural time for rest and rejuvenation.

  • Change up your physical activity to give your body a much needed rest, switch out some of your more strenuous work outs with yoga, walks, and meditation.
  • Curl up with a book while wearing your warmest and coziest socks and sweater.
  • Take a long soak in the tub while savoring a spicy glass of red wine and some essential oils.
  • Take the time to practice Hygge this winter, light candles and turn the lights down low. 
  • If you can, light a fire or play a fire scene on your tv!
  • Play holiday music and spend the afternoon writing in your journal.

Create Some New Traditions

Since you have this extra time and might not be able to do all your traditional activities this year why not create some new traditions? 

  • If you aren’t running the roads then you have time to make cocoa and watch a holiday movie. 
  • If you aren’t going to cocktail parties you have time to bake Christmas cookies or try that new recipe.
  • If you aren’t spending all day shopping for gifts, you have time to go for a hike or walk.
  • Instead of that Christmas shopping day out with the girls that includes drinks and a restaurant meal, try meeting for a hike with a thermos of yummy coffee or cocoa instead.
  • Instead of that large family get together, try having an intimate Christmas Eve or Day celebration with a more extravagant meal than usual. (I’m having steak and lobster this year with my husband.)
  • Can’t have a baking day with friends or family? Why not plan a healthy cookie exchange instead.
  • Plan a couple of craft projects with the kids, make a gingerbread house, create some easy bead jewelry, or book marks.
  • Ooh! Maybe you could ask the kids to make homemade gifts and cards this year instead of buying things.
  • If you can get outside and trim some evergreen clippings from your yard to bring indoors. (Especially if you have a  fake tree like me.) I even arranged some cedar clippings with grocery store roses for a festive holiday centerpiece.

Let us try to look on the bright side of things this year!! We are starting fresh and have a whole new year in front of us.

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