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8 Tips for Experiencing More JOY

Large redwood fallen over a hiking trail and women touching it as she hikes under while experiencing joy.

1. Get Out in Nature

Preferably someplace beautiful, into the woods, and where you can be alone or still.

2. Practice Deep Breathing

Breath in 4 counts, pause, breath out six counts. Repeat.

3. Practice Gratitude

Focussing on what is good in your life is the foundation for feeling joy.

4. Get Your Heart Pumping

Pushing your body releases all kinds of yummy chemicals in your brain that bring on feel good feelings.

5. Listen to Happy Music

Turn on tunes and dance around.

6. Undertake a New Challenge and then Master It

Nothing feels better than a job well done, this can be a simple thing, like tackling that closet organization or a major project at work.

7. Play

Write a list of play you loved as a child, love to do now, or think you might love. Do something from this list a few times each week.

8. Give Something

Give your time or money to a cause you feel passionately about, give a gift from the heart to a loved one or give smiles to strangers. It all feels good.

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