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50 Simple Luxuries for Every Day

Champagne and candle light while reading


Want more luxury in your life?  According to the Oxford definition, luxury is the state of great comfort and extravagant living; I love the sound of that. 


Many people think extravagance or excess is “bad” when really it’s just subjective. Think about the fact that dessert is excess, we certainly don’t need it for fuel so…a little excess is okay in my book...


Anyway, I get one life, so of course I want to make it the absolutely best life that I can and for me that includes luxury and comfort.


Sometimes I forget to make the best of my everyday life. I get busy and run from thing to thing without stopping to smell the roses. So I compiled this list of 50 Simple Luxuries to inspire me to enjoy the moments, big and small, I hope it inspires you too.


1. A night in a hotel

Taking a day off from your life and responsibilities can be priceless. 

2. A cold glass of champagne or sparkling wine

You can buy a five dollar bottle or a five thousand dollar bottle…put it in that fancy flute or coupe and sip away.

3. Valet parking

Valet parking is usually less than twenty-five dollars and often it's less than ten unless you are somewhere really high end. Almost always this luxury far outweighs the cost of stressful parking situations for me.

4. Music

When was the last time you simply listened to music? Not while doing something else, you simply listened to music or spent time exploring new music as the activity.

5. Cracking open a brand new journal

I could wax poetic about the smell of fresh paper and the smoothness…the blank pages untouched and still pristine.

6. Craft cocktails

The occasional ten or twenty dollar cocktail made with extreme care and craftsmanship is a fun treat. Smoke, herbal tinctures, fancy salts and garnishes make me happy.

7. Create a skincare routine

Caring for your skin is a nightly self-care ritual that can be simple and luxurious. Take your time, be mindful, use your senses.

8. Doing anything in bed

I get up each morning, grab a coffee and my journal, and crawl back in bed for an hour to write and sip my coffee. Maybe you can do weekend breakfasts, reading, or movie night with the kids.

9. Leaving work early

Why does this always feel so decadent, so exhilarating and free? 

10. Stationary and hand-written letters

I love the rare letter or note I receive in the mail, I would like to be the person writing and sending them as well.

11. A clean home

Nothing feels luxurious to me while sitting in a cluttered mess. Keeping up with housekeeping or having it done sets the scene for luxury and allows you to feel luxurious. Whether you have a trailer house or a mansion, having a home is a luxury, so take care of it.

12. A clean car

Cars are not trash cans or storage units, they are a vehicle to transport you from point A to point B. Same as above, whether you have an old sedan or a shiny sports car, having a vehicle is a luxury, so take care of it.

13. Ordering dessert

I’m not a huge dessert person but when I’m somewhere that has something really good, I’m going for it.

14. Plenty of time, space in your day to just be

Free time is the ultimate luxury.

15. Quality lipstick, make it a shade of red

A beautiful tube, velvety finish, and power shade.

16. Unplugging from phones and other media

Completely unplugging from the digital world is a rarity for most of us. Do yourself a favor and give yourself an hour or two, maybe even a day off to remember what it’s like to just be. 

17. A bold glass of red

Wine may not be for everyone but having a glass of red wine while preparing dinner or writing in your journal is a little slice of heaven that elevates the entire experience.

18. A super soft and cozy throw blanket

The luxury for me with a throw is finding something super cozy and beautiful because I like to leave them draped over my sofa.

19. Quality hand soap

I love using different hand soaps at friends' homes and fancy restaurants. Upgrade your everyday soap for a few extra dollars. Find them at retailers like Marshalls and Target.

20. An actual paper book

I do read digital books for convenience but nothing compares to an actual book I can feel and hold and flip pages. 

21. A latte

Deep dark espresso and frothy cream. Need I say more?

22. Facials

Go to the spa, the local drugstore, or even your own pantry to experience a luxurious facial.  

23. Fresh baked bread

Baked from scratch, from frozen, or from your local bakery…fresh baked bread is modern day luxury.

24. No one sitting next to you on the plane

The empty seat, your bated breath as the final passenger finally boards and sits somewhere else…!!! YES!!! YES…YES!!!

25. A picnic

So rare and so simple. A blanket, a snack, and a drink; throw in a book, ball, or partner and you have luxuriously slow-time outdoors.

26. Getting a manicure

While doing your own nails can still be a luxury, having someone else do it for you is a real treat.

27. Scented candles

Having your home or office smell amazing is a true luxury that is easy and quick. Don’t save those nice candles for someday, use them now to enjoy the scent while it's fresh and vibrant. Same goes for all your other nice lotions and perfumes. 

28. Massage

Take turns with your partner or book yourself a massage. You can get good deals at a massage school or simply splurge and treat yourself to a day at the spa.

29. Theater or Ballet

I love getting dressed up to go see a live show. I try to do this at least once a year because I don’t live near the theater. Check out local theaters too for live performances.

30. Using the nice dishes

Get out the crystal, china, and all the other fancy stuff you never use. Put it all into daily rotation.

31. Dining with candles

Sit down to eat. Set your table and use a knife and fork. Light candles and actually Dine.

32. A glass carafe of water next to your bed

Having a carafe of water on your night stand is useful and beautiful.

33. Fresh flowers

I try to buy fresh flowers for my home a couple times per month and I purchase a blooming orchid for my desk where I spend time working. Nothing brightens up your space better.

34. Chocolate truffles

As I’ve said, I’m not a huge dessert person but I do love a sweet treat. Toss the cookies in a bag and replace with delicious chocolate truffles. Pop them into the freezer and then thaw one at a time to slowly savor when the mood strikes.

35. A drizzle of truffle oil

Even vegetables are luxurious with a drizzle of this gold.

36. Cloth napkins

Landfills are not luxurious and even simple cotton napkins are.

37. A bath

Bathing and swimming are relaxing, healthy, and can be easily upgraded with soft fluffy towels, scented oils, and soft lighting.  

38. Pretty underwear

Even though you may be the only one who knows what you have on under your clothes, you will feel different, you will feel luxurious.

39. Perfume

Spritz yourself each day with a beautiful scent.

40. Take a nap

Like an actual nap.

41. A fits-like-a-glove little black dress

Take the time to find and invest in yours.

42. Designer sunglasses, shoes, or a handbag

I think everyone should invest in a designer splurge item, at least once in their life to see what all the fuss is about. You can cherish it, admire the quality and craftsmanship, or dismiss it as overrated but at least experience it first.

43. Oysters

Add in that cold glass of champagne and double your enjoyment.

44. Simplicity

Modern life is busy, loud, overdone, and overwhelming. Simplicity, not excess, is the new luxury.

45. Sit in a cafe and sip your favorite hot drink slowly

Enjoy people watching from a trendy neighborhood spot that not only serves up your favorite cafe latte but also is a feast for your senses.

46. High quality food

Trade in your cheap highly processed products for organic, whole, and nourishing foods. This is more a necessity than a luxury.

47. No alarm clock

No explanation necessary…

48. Practicing your hobbies and the arts

Making space in your life to create and appreciate art is a uniquely human experience. Creation is so rewarding and making it a part of your life is a great way to level up.   

49. A high quality pen

The right heft, balance, and grip; the smoothness of the ink on the paper. Who doesn’t love a good quality writing utensil? 

50. Display meaningful art that speaks to you


Don’t dismiss aesthetics. If you love something, display it. If something moves you or you just love it and don’t know why, display it. Art is so personal, don't let someone else decide what you like.


Read this list and let it inspire you, but don’t forget we also have to take action. Don’t just read it and then and let it go, choose some things from this list and apply them today. You will be glad you did.

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