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5 Questions: Your Environment

Minimalist bedroom, bed with a beautiful view.

Questions are the most powerful tool you have to discover, improve, and change your life.

Questions can help us to look at the choices we have made in relation to our lives and see those choices from a new perspective. Oftentimes we make choices unconsciously or based on other’s expectations without realizing it, which creates a life that feels off or unfulfilling.

Maybe you did make an authentic choice for you…twenty, thirty or even forty years ago. Are you that same person? Would you still choose the same thing given the choice now? Maybe you have let your life grow stale and it’s time to dust it off and shine it up a bit?

Many of us never question why we do what we do, have what we have, or seek what we seek. It’s human nature to want to fit into the “tribe” so we tend to go along with the popular choice or to conform to societal norms, which can leave us feeling discontent with our lives.

For those of us in our forties and beyond, discontentment feeds thoughts like “life is passing us by” and that really hits home. We are at midlife, half way through after all, and we recognize that we no longer have “all the time in the world” to do all the things.

Do you want a fulfilled life? A life that feels true to you? Start by asking yourself why you have the life you have and don’t stop there; ask yourself what kind of life do I want to create?

An authentic life is just a few questions away. Let’s start now.

Our environment has arguably the biggest impact on our lives because it’s our home, the place we shelter. When was the last time you questioned your environment and the choices that created it?

Let’s get to it. All I’m asking you to do here is ask yourself these questions and think about your answers. That’s it. If you want to take this work a bit deeper, write these questions in your journal and really dig into each one.


1. Why do you live where you do?

Have you ever considered this before? If you live in a cold weather state and have grown tired of the snow, like me, you probably have.

I live in the state that I do because both my husband and myself have elderly parents who live here, and it’s important to us to be with them.

We have made the choice to travel to warmer climates for extended periods when we can, during our long Michigan winters. This is a good way for us to explore possible future winter homes.

Do you prefer town or country? I prefer a bit of both, but my “forever” home will always be in the country. I love the fresh air, lack of traffic, and slow pace.

I also love the culture and convenience of the city, so I choose to live near enough that I can have dinner and see a show in the city, if the mood strikes.

Give this some thought, is there anything you would change? What are your options?


2. Why do you have the type of living space you have?

I live in a small cottage on a private lake and right now, this is just right for me.

Do you love apartment living with no maintenance or wide open spaces and a private lawn? Maybe you love the idea of a loft, mansion, or van? Are you living the way you truly desire? Why or why not?


3. Why is your home decorated the way it is?

Do you get inspired by websites and magazines and just pull it all together? Do you select pieces that speak to you? Do you collect things from travels and throughout life?

Are you following someone else’s idea of how a home should look? Are you just doing what your mother did?


4. What is your dream environment?

If you had a genie’s lamp and could choose anything you wanted for your environment, what would you choose? Feel free to be fabulous here. Would you travel between fancy hotel and your private island compound?

Would you live in Paris, Hawaii, or New York City? Maybe your dream is to own a ranch in Montana.

Would your home be pristine white minimalist, or antique farmhouse?

Ask yourself why? Why do I want that? Do you like the answer? Is it true to you, or true to someone else? Are you trying to please yourself, or trying to impress others?

What environment would bring you true joy, shelter, and comfort?


5. How can you incorporate more of your “dream” environment in your current one?

By now you are really starting to think about the environment you want to live in and why.

Maybe you dream of things that are simply not possible for you financially. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day my friend. Let me just say here, if you don’t shoot for the stars you most certainly won’t reach them.

But there’s no reason not to love the environment your in, right now.

If a Paris apartment is out of your reach, can create the feeling you would have in Paris? Maybe you could move to a more affordable city close by, where you can sit at sidewalk cafes and visit galleries.

If you envisioned your environment to be clean and tidy, there’s no reason that can’t be your reality. Roll up your sleeves.

Ask yourself what is it about these dream environments that I’m drawn to? Is it possible to bring in the vibe, feeling, or activity now?

I love thinking about why we choose what we choose. I think most of us will find that we sometimes choose because we want to impress others, fit in, or simply because we haven’t considered another way.

Practice questioning and get to know what you truly desire and you will be able to live a more fulfilled authentic life.

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