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4 Ways to Utilize Free Time

Many clocks black and white all telling time.

If you are home social distancing, you have probably discovered a lot more free time on your hands. Something I think most of us have craved for quite some time.

Make sure not to let this time slip through your fingers, here are four tips to help you.

1. Create a New Schedule

It can be really easy to flit from one thing to the next without actually getting anything accomplished. Make sure, if your schedule is currently different, that you map out loosely the things you would like to accomplish each day.

Sometimes when our normal routine is shaken up we stop having triggers and systems for getting things done. 

If you usually have to wake up and go to work, you have an entire set of routines that support this. Get to bed early, wake at a certain time, perform hygiene practice, pack lunch, etc. When you don’t have to wake up and go to work you might start staying up late, staying in your pj’s and not combing your hair all day. 

Create new routines that fit your new schedule and that are still healthy and good for you.

2. Include Things You Usually Don’t Have Time For

If you’ve always wanted to paint, exercise, or prepare healthy meals but never found the time, make sure to build these things into your new routines.

3. Build in Good Habits

Use this free time to create new habits that will carry you back into regular life.

When we are busy and tired it can be difficult to create new habits because we don’t have the stamina to keep up the work necessary to create a “Habit”. 

Always wanted to meditate, do yoga, or work out regularly but never seem to make a permanent lifestyle change? Try it now that you have a little breathing room, see what you can get to stick.

4. Don’t Fritter It Away

Don’t look back at this time and see that you’ve wasted it watching too much tv and scrolling social media. 

Make an effort to rediscover yourself and your family. Who are you and what do you like to do? What are you good at?

Read, write, play, paint, craft, cook, talk, love… something that lights you up!


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