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4 Tips to Create the Habit of Exercise

First and foremost, I am a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. I speak from personal experience only; I am not a doctor, use your own common sense and consult your doctor before changing your physical habits.

That being said…I choose to make health and fitness a priority in my life. That means I do exercise multiple times a week. I went through a period where I said to myself, “Do 10 - 15 minutes of anything per day”. I found that once I got on the elliptical or started some YouTube yoga I would just keep it up for a half hour or more anyway.

I haven’t always been as consistent in my work out habit as I am currently, but I kept at it and now I find myself working out or doing something active on average 4 times a week…I feel good about that. If you find it’s been a few days or even weeks since you did something active don’t throw in the towel. Just start where you are now. Trust me, your future-self will thank you.

Here are a couple tips to help create a regular workout routine.

Getting off the couch is the key – Just get up and change your clothes, put your shoes on. Don’t overthink it.

Turn off the TV – This is huge for me. I’m not a regular TV watcher. I love movies and series but I tend to record what I want for later. However, if my husband leaves the TV on in the living room I find an hour or two will flash by and I won’t even realize what I’m doing.

Find what works for you; be realistic – If you are not going to get up early, then work out in the evening after dinner. It might not be the ideal time for optimal results or whatever, but if you don’t wake up and do it at all then you get zero results.

• If nothing else, just go for a walk. Make it a regular habit to walk after dinner or after lunch. Whenever it’s convenient, just get up and start walking.

A bit more about me, I work in a cubicle using a standing computer station. My husband bought me an inexpensive manual desktop thing from Amazon. I. love. it. I’ve only moved it down once or twice when I was sick. I also bought a nice thick mat to stand on because my office has cement floors.

I have an active lifestyle. I live on a small lake and I walk, paddle board and kayak. (Though not as much as I would like.) I am a member of an adventure club and we hike, kayak, go whitewater rafting; we literally try everything.

I have a friend who comes over every Saturday morning and we do a full body strength & cardio routine for about 40 minutes. I have another friend who splurges for personal trainers and gym classes who would come home and write down the workouts. I now have a generous binder full of 40-minute bouts of torture.

I have at my home an elliptical and a treadmill. My husband and I bought a super inexpensive model elliptical when we quit smoking about 9 years ago and its still serving me at least weekly. During an especially freezing cold winter about 4 years ago, we added the treadmill because I hate going outside when my nostril hairs freeze. This really happens… it sucks. I also have a set of hand weights.

Post updated August 1, 2021.

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