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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Life in Spring

Spring is such a promising time of year; full of possibility and anticipation. The main themes or energies we associate with spring are balance, new beginnings, and fertility and we can upgrade our lives by tapping into these spring energies. Working with nature's rhythms is like floating down the river using the current to assist, instead of fighting to paddle upstream.

Let's dig right in to the 3 upgrades we can implement right now using this flow of energy.

Re-Balance Your Life


The Spring Equinox is one of two times a year when we have equal amounts of light and night. I love the spring especially because the days will begin to grow longer than the nights.

Balance has gotten a bad rap lately in the personal development world but I do think finding the right balance in our lives is still relevant and important. The key here is to understand balance is a moving target; what might look like balance today will likely be very different 6 months or a year from now. So it's important to revisit your life balance on the reg.

How To

Evaluate how you are spending your time and energy.

  • I love to use a wheel of life; a tool commonly used in coaching. You can find tons of them in a simple google search.

Identify where you are out of balance.

  • Are you spending way too much time on one area and totally neglecting another? You may not realize how neglected some areas are, journaling this out may be helpful.

Make the corrections.

  • In areas you are spending too much of your time and energy, see if you can delegate some tasks or simply cut back on how much you do.
  • In areas you are weak, schedule in time to build those areas up. If you haven't done anything creative in a while, schedule in time for painting or sign up for a class. If you haven't focussed on your spiritual life, schedule in time to read an inspirational book.
  • Spend the time to evaluate, identify and make the corrections to all areas.
  • Use the spring energy to shift back into balance.

Create a New Routine

New Beginnings

Watching nature come alive is the only proof we need that spring is the perfect time for new beginnings and growth. The seeds are sprouting, the trees are budding, and new shoots of life are coming up through the cold ground.

New beginnings are all around us this time of year. What are you inspired to start? Have you wanted to take up running or re-vamp your skincare routine?

Now is the perfect time.

How To

Decide what thing in your life you want to upgrade or begin.

  • Now is a great time to start the new thing you’ve been thinking about.
  • Decide what you want to start doing and simply commit to doing it.

Write down the steps you need to take to get started .

  • Once you’ve committed to your new thing or routine I totally recommend you write down your plan.
  • If it’s a new routine write down each step and when and where you’ll do them.
  • If it’s a new project, same deal, write it all out on paper and keep the paper in your face until you have mastered the steps.

Schedule into your calendar or planner the new tasks and set reminders too.

  • If you are doing a new routine with many steps enter the routine name into your calendar. For example, “new skincare routine” at the appropriate time.
  • If it’s a new project or multi day thing, take all the steps and tasks and break them down into tiny tasks then enter them into your planner with reminders.
  • And of course do it!

Create Something


Fertility isn’t limited to creating new humans. Sometimes we need to fertilize our daily lives. Where do you need some extra self care? Could you use a bit of excitement or adventure in your life?

Fertilize your life by amending your days to nurture you. Ask yourself, what do I need right now, today, this week?

How To

Take the time to journal or reflect each day.

  • I think journaling is a great way to see what your needs are, but simply taking a few moments to reflect back over the day or week will go a long way in showing you what is lacking or needs a little TLC in your days.

Decide what you need.

  • When you have an idea of what you need, whether it’s taking a personal day off, spending time engrossed in a creative pursuit or planning a road trip, commit to it.
  • You NEED this.

Make it happen.

  • Now that you know what it is you need, immediately begin the process of making it happen.
  • Put in for the vacation time, tell your people, book the tickets, go on that hike.
  • Whatever it is, do it.

That’s it, enjoy reaping what you sow here!

Going with flow of nature is the most natural thing in the world. Let yourself relax into her natural rhythms, feel how right the connection is and how supported you are in making these types of adjustments in your life.

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