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3 Ways to Level Up Your Environment and Your Life


We’ve all heard Jim Rohn’s famous quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you haven’t heard this quote let it sink in…because I believe it’s so true.


I recently attended a conference hosted by my coaching school and spent 3 days surrounded by the world’s best life coaches. When I say surrounded by, what I really mean is, I was soaked in the energy of 1400 life coaches who not only know how to live their best life, but who help literally millions of people, young and old, all over the world to have better lives as well. To say the least, this energy I was steeped in - was like a drug. I still feel it. The power of love and life, and doing good in the world is intoxicating.


Okay. So you’re probably wondering why I’m sharing this with you? Well it made me think about Jim Rohn’s quote and how the environment truly did lift me up. I realized I needed to take action rather than just thinking it sounds like good idea.


I got to thinking that it’s not only the people we spend time with but also the places we spend time and how we show up in our life. I decided to put together a list of ways for myself to really take action on these three areas and thought you might find it helpful in leveling up your own life.


Below are three areas with the action items to level up your environment and your life


1. Your 5 People


I want to surround myself with good energy, uplifting, and inspiring people. I want to level up my own life so I will need to level up those who surround and influence me as well.


Action items:


  • Get out your journal and write a list of the people you spend the bulk of your time with. 
  • Circle the top five people who get most of your time.
  • Ask yourself, Are these the people you want to be more like, are they who you wish to become? If the answer is no, consider limiting your exposure to them. We often think we have to be around our family or our boss, but do we really? (hint. We don’t have to do anything.)


On the flip side, who in your life would you like to emulate more? Who do you look up to or admire?

  • Write a list, seriously, it will help to cement it in your mind.
  • Ask yourself, Can I spend more time with them?
  • Consider the ways you can spend more time with people who lift you up.
  • Consider ways to meet new people who have similar interests and ambitions to your own.


2. The Places


Because we are also inspired by our surroundings, our environments, our homes, cars, offices, and the other places we spend a lot of time in, considering these will be an important piece to our growth too.


Action items:


  • Get out your journal and write a list of the places you spend the bulk of your time in. 
  • Circle the top five places where you spend most of your time. You will likely have the list from above, your home, car, office…where else?
  • Ask yourself, Are these places lifting you up? Decide where you will spend more time and where you will spend less.
  • Write a list of all the ways you can improve the places you spend most of your time. Can you clean them? Replace them? Or improve them in any way?
  • Write a list of the places you would like to spend more time? Do you have beautiful public building or park where you can spend more time? How about museums, libraries, hotel lobbies?



3. You


Finally, how we show up for ourselves will also impact who we are now and who we will become, so ask yourself, is this the best I can do? Is this who I want to be?


Are you spending your time in old sweats and dirty hair? Does this inspire you? How good does it feel when you know you look good? Are you doing that for yourself consistently?


Action items:


  • Go though your clothes and donate or toss anything that doesn’t make you feel great while you are wearing it. Make this easy on yourself by actually replacing ratty comfort clothes with cute comfort clothes.
  • Create routines during your down time that include hygiene and self care so you always feel your best.
  • Get out your journal, think about who you want to be and write it down. Ask yourself what does your future self wear? What does she look like when she’s working, playing, and relaxing? Does she have a particular style? Begin to embody her.



This is something I am currently doing for myself and I can’t wait to see my environmental upgrades take shape.


We can read inspiring quotes every day but until we put the ideas into action they just remain ideas. Get out your journal and do these super quick actions now.


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