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3 Simple Tips for a Recipe Exchange Dinner Party

Normally in my book club we read and discuss a book that is actionable and inspirational, we love to improve ourselves and our lives but sometimes you just need to take a break from self-improvement in order to experience real life. Am I right??

So this summer my book club decided to change things up and do recipe exchange dinner parties during our usual book club meetings. This way we get to read some lighter stuff on our own – novels.

Sound good?

Here are 3 simple tips for doing a Recipe Exchange Dinner Party with your friends or family.

1. Choose a small group of people that are interested in food, cooking, and have similar diets.

You don’t want to have someone eating no carbs over for pasta or a vegetarian over for grilled steaks. That’s no fun for anyone.

2. Choose a time and a place to meet for the pot-luck dinner party. 

The hostess should choose the main dish and then others can choose sides and dessert to compliment that. 

We used a group text and after the hostess chose her dish and posted it, the rest of us posted our choices based on that and what was already posted.

3. Everyone should bring one or two of their favorite cookbooks to share with the group. 

In order to save recipes, simply take a photograph of things that sound interesting with your phone. 

That’s it!! Some of my favorite things, cooking, eating a meal with friends, and discussing delicious food.



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