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3 Simple Steps to Solve the Problem of Time

Many people say they’re too busy or they don’t have time; I’m guilty of being one of those people. I find myself feeling like I need another few hours in the day or an extra day each week to get it all done. 

Until I finally heard and let it sink in, that time is just a math problem. Wait. What?

Yup, time is just a math problem.

Now I can tell you I already do pretty well organizing my days and weeks but for some reason I kept feeling pressure and stress from needing more time or feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. This stress really bothered me because I felt like I couldn’t do anything about it until I decided to work out the math.

Write a List of All Your Weekly Tasks and How Much Time They Require

I listed everything. I did this in a digital document so I could move things around after. I listed sleep, bathing, eating, shopping, meal planning and cooking. My work hours and the commute time went on there too. I seriously listed everything and then assigned the time I would take to do the task.

You can add up the times and compare to the 168 hours in a 7 day week. If you overshoot this, prepare to cut some of your tasks. Mine actually fell below and allowed me a bit of breathing room which surprised me. I guess I have more time than I thought, huh?

If you need to cut tasks just remember time is just a math problem and you cannot have more or less than 24 hours. You may need to delegate tasks, decide some are simply not important, or hire someone to help.

Prioritize This Weekly Task List By Importance

Now that you know what you need or want to do in a week, begin prioritizing your list in order of importance. You have to sleep, eat, bathe, etc. I also prioritize exercise and planning healthy meals. You probably have work hours and maybe commute time that is non-negotiable. 

My projects and hobbies and fun stuff fall a bit down the list. If you are a person who never has time for fun or social stuff you might want to make that a higher priority.

Begin Plugging the Tasks into Your Planner or Calendar in Order of Priority

Once you have a prioritized list, begin plugging the tasks into your weekly calendar or planner, top priority down. If you did the math earlier you likely have time for everything and hopefully even some free time.

After I completed this process I felt the stress just melt away. I knew that I was getting done what I needed to and that I am using my time efficiently. I know that in order to add something to my plate something will have to go. I will either have to choose not to do something, delegate it, or hire it out. I am doing all that I can be doing and still enjoying my life.

The best part is I have focused time to complete what I need to and I am no longer wasting time spent in confusion while deliberating what I should be working on.

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