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2 Simple Thoughts on Happiness

Our happiness is not someone else’s job.

Happiness does not come from outside of us. It does not come from a person or a thing we buy. It only comes from inside of us; happiness is the reward our brains give us when we meet our own needs.

In nature, we get chemical feel good hits in our brains from doing the things that keeps us alive or meeting our needs. We have to actually work to be rewarded with happiness. Happiness isn’t something we just have; it requires action to create.

The basic needs that we have to meet or work toward that will make us happy are: adequate nourishing food, clean abundant water, shelter from the elements, 6-9 hours of restful sleep, physical and emotional connection with others, and novelty or growth.

How do we continuously work to meet our basic needs? Baby Steps

According to, Loretta Breuning, PhD…

“Each step toward an unmet need stimulates happy chemicals so continual small steps are the way to feel good.”

Not only are baby steps the best way to get a continuous dose of feel-good chemicals in our brains but they are also the best way to consistently upgrade our lives over time.

I know this is really small and simple but this is it…happiness in a nutshell.

Boom – drop the mic.


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