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10 Ways to Crush Social Distancing

Dark room with a bright open window to a courtyard of trees and a brick building.

We are going to have lots of time on our hands practicing Social Distancing. Taking all the outside activities out of your agenda including your work may leave you feeling a little stir crazy but it doesn’t have to. 

The following 10 ideas may help you pass the time and improve your life,

1. Actually Do It

Social distancing is the responsible thing to do. Many people I know are confident they are healthy and are not concerned with contracting the COVID-19 virus but what they are not considering is the risk they create for people who are elderly or whose health is already shaky. Healthy people running around can still spread the virus unnecessarily and when it hits the wrong nurse, doctor, store clerk; etc. and it spreads to a more susceptible person, now we have a dangerous situation. 

So come on people, just stay home for a week or two, especially if you don’t have to go out.

2. Stop Buying All The Toilet Paper

Seriously, unless you plan to use the 40 rolls of toilet paper in the next 2-3 weeks, than knock-it-off people. All you’re doing is creating chaos and making people who are already stressed out and scared even more so. Don’t get caught up in this madness.

Farmers are still going to farm, cows are still giving milk, and these services are not going away. Stop freaking out.

This is not the apocalypse, I get it, you’ve seen one too many Walking Dead episodes.

3. Buy Ingredients for Cooking Actual Meals

If you are not working, spend your time cooking all those delicious recipes you usually don’t have time for. If you have kids, teach them how to cook and spend this time together sans media and screens.

I usually meal prep on Sundays but if I’m going to be home over the next days or weeks I plan to create a meal plan like no other. Actually being able to poach an egg, bake some almond crackers, and eat a meal that is freshly cooked will be a treat for me, and I plan to take full advantage.

What recipes have you been eyeing? Get those ingredients and put the TP down.

4. Purge Your Home of Clutter

Having more time on my hands means I can actually get to projects, I have been putting off for lack of time. I have a closet in my house that houses all my home décor, art supplies, and craft items that needs a thorough clean out and organize. This kind of project will take an entire day for me, and I haven’t had it to spare, until now. 

Not only does this closet need a deep dive but hey it’s Spring, let’s get rid of the rest of the build up from winter and clear through the kitchen cabinets and pantries for those take-out containers and other no longer needed or used items that accumulate.

When was the last time you cleaned out your clothing closet? Use this time to get rid of the clutter.

5. Do Your Spring Yard Work 

Use this time to get outside and breathe the fresh air. Rake out your gardens and beds, sweep your sidewalks and pull out your pots and hoses.  If you plant vegetables and herbs you can start your seedlings indoors, I’m in Michigan and it’s a bit early but not too early, so this is a good time for me to do that.

Besides, I’m almost positive we are going to have an early and warm season this year! When the really nice weather does get here we will be ready to enjoy because our work will be done.

6. Focus on Self-Care

It’s Spring, get those feet ship-shape, grind off that layer of skin and paint your toes a cheerful color. While you’re at it, do some skin dry brushing, face masks, and hair deep conditioning treatments using the stuff in your kitchen.

Spend some time each day journaling out your thoughts, dreams, and ideas. Who knows what make break loose in you.

Plan daily exercise, healthy meals, and drink plenty of water each day. I bet you want to do this but find that you never seem to have the time, well now you do have the time. Maybe you can create some great habits that will carry beyond the social distancing.

7. Read a Book

When was the last time you could curl up in a chair and read for hours, guilt free?

I have at least three books, probably more, started and more than a dozen on my Kindle not even cracked open. I’m going to power through those three that are started and hopefully make a dent in the others. I can’t remember a time other than vacation when I could read for pleasure without having to snatch it an hour at a time before bed.

8. Play

Go for a hike, get out the sidewalk chalk, ride your bike. It’s Spring! Get out and enjoy the fresh air. 

This morning the sky was a beautiful blush pink (see picture) and the birds were singing, soon flowers and wild mushrooms will be popping up. Get out there and live in it, finally take the time to smell the Roses, or the Crocuses at least.

You might want to plan a movie marathon day or binge watch that series you’ve been resisting on Netflix. I recommend Ozark, the new season comes out March 27th I think.

9. Do a Creative Project

I have painting supplies, jewelry-making supplies, and tons of other art and craft materials. I love to get in the zone and create stuff – I. Love. It.

Unfortunately, I haven’t actually done anything creative in quite some time. As soon as I clean out my closet loaded with supplies you can bet that I will be inspired to get the creativity flowing.

10. Look for the Light

Finally, look for the light in the situation. Look for those people who are doing good things in tough times. 

Focus on this Spring and Winters end.

I hope you find some enjoyment in this list, I know I’m going to make the best of a bad situation and instead of “Quarantine” I’m going to “Staycation”.


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