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10 Thoughts about Fall

Red apple clusters in a tree with green leaves and sunny skies, fall day.

1. The Smell

I love the first scent of woodsmoke in the crisp cool fall air. 

2. Long Walks

Fall is my favorite time of year for long walks; the scenery is beautiful, the air is cooler, and the pace of life offers up more time to just stroll.

3. Apples 

Apple season means savoring a cup of fresh cider and maybe even a warm spiced donut from a local orchard. MMMmmmmm….

4. Fall Leaves

I like to think of fall foliage as the flowers of the trees. So beautiful.

5. Boots & Sweaters

The transition from warm to cool weather is the perfect time for warm sweaters and cute boots. After the summer’s light dresses and sandals I’m always ready for a change and fall’s boots and sweaters top my list of favorites.

6. It’s Cozy

Cooler weather means spending a bit more time indoors snuggled up and cozy. The foggy mornings encourage me to stay in bed for my morning routine of journaling and reading.

7. Equal Amounts of Day and Night

September brings us the Autumnal Equinox, a time of year that delivers us equal amounts of daylight as it does darkness. 

8. Slower Pace 

I live on a lake, so for me, the summer is busy and I spend all of my free time outdoors enjoying the sun and water. Our community is close knit and we have many social events to celebrate the season. With fall comes a settling-in, I have less social activities and can focus more on me-time. I usually double down on skincare after all the time in the sun and also find more time to get creative.

9. Spice

Pumpkin spice. Need I say more?

10. Harvest  

Literally and figuratively. It’s the time of year when farmers and gardeners harvest the crops they worked the last two seasons to produce. For those of us that don’t have physical crops to harvest we can use this time to “reap what we have sown” or to acknowledge what we have accomplished in our lives thus far. 

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